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Poster Presentations

All symposium participants present their research with a poster. Posters can be printed or assembled, and should be no larger than four feet wide by four feet tall and readable from at least three feet away.  The presentation title must be at least two inches high, and the name(s) of the student author(s), faculty advisor, any co-authors, and departmental and institutional affiliations must be on the poster as well. CAURS reserves the right to cancel a presenter's poster presentation if the above requirements are not met. Presenters must be available to discuss their displays during their assigned poster session. 

Oral Presentations

A number of participants who indicate interest in giving an oral presentation at the Symposium on their registration forms will be invited to do so. Oral presentations are 10 minutes in length with an 5 additional minutes for a question-and-answer period. For CAURS 2017, we will only be accepting five oral presentations that will be held in a separate hall from the poster sessions. We encourage all of our participants to attend the oral presentations during the time slot during which they are not presenting. If you are accepted as an oral presenter, you will not be able to present during the poster sessions. Talks will be chosen primarily based on the quality of the abstract and research but an effort will be made to select abstracts representing the diversity of disciplines at the Symposium.


Individuals who are not presenting at CAURS but are interested in attending and observing the poster and oral presentations at the Symposium are encouraged to do so. Being a student observer gives those who are unable to present but are interested in academic research the opportunity to experience CAURS and to discover the wide breath and depth of research being conducted by their peers. Friends, family, and faculty are also encouraged to observe the research conducted by students at CAURS. Students, friends, family, and faculty interested in observing research at CAURS must register as Observers for CAURS 2017.


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