The Inter-School Board

One of the most unique aspects of CAURS, and one that we pride ourselves on, is that the Symposium is planned and run almost entirely by undergraduates. The CAURS Inter-School Board (ISB) is comprised of dedicated students from seven CAURS member institutions who work year-round to organize and arrange the Symposium, one of the largest undergraduate research conferences in the nation. We encourage you to reach out to the ISB representatives from your school if you have any questions or comments.


CAURS 2017-2018 Inter-School Board


Christian Brian        Monica Carson







Public Relations

DePaul University

Monica Carson

Laura Griseta

Illinois Institute of Technology

Misha Shah

Chang Xu

Loyola University Chicago

Gregory Boudreaux

Northwestern University

Fidak Khan 

Patrick Liu

Roosevelt University

Christian Brian

Brooke Lee

The University of Chicago

Christian Brian– contact

Christian is currently a senior at Roosevelt University majoring in biology. For the past two summers, he has worked as a research assistant at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Redox Biology Center, working in Dr. Franco’s neurotoxicolgy lab. During his time there, he studied the role mitochondria play in xenobiotic detoxification in rat astrocytes. At Roosevelt, he works as a tutor for the Department of Biological, Chemical, and Physical Sciences and is also on the College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Committee. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering, exercising, and watching sporting events. After graduation, Christian plans on taking a year off before attending medical school.

Monica Carson – contact

Monica is a senior at DePaul University, with a major in Health Sciences, and a minor in LGBTQ studies. She grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which serves as the home of the Krispy Kreme doughnut. She currently works as an ophthalmologist assistant. After she graduates, Monica plans to receive her masters in nursing. When she finds the free time, Monica enjoys watching the Blackhawks, reading, and exploring Chicago.

Laura Griseta 

Laura is a senior at DePaul, studying Health Sciences with a minor in biology. This is first year on the CAURS ISB. She is currently volunteering Advocate Children's Hospital. Laura is from Chicago, and loves to explore different neighborhoods around the city. She plans to attend grad school after she graduates, and wants to work with children in healthcare. 

Misha Shah 

Misha is a third-year student at the Illinois Institute of Technology, majoring in Science Journalism with a minor in pre-medical studies. She has participated in research at the Wayne State University Emergency Medicine Department and as research assistant at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry- Intern Health Study this past summer in addition to volunteering at local hospitals in the Chicago-land area. This is her second-year as a member of the Inter-school board. Other hobbies of hers include yoga, fitness, traveling, and reading.

Chang Xu 

Chang is a third year student at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), intends to do double-major in physics and computer science. He developed a strong interest in science since he was young and has a goal of being a physicist and un-code the secret of our world. He helped Dr. John Zasadzinski with a research on “superconducting high-quantum efficiency photocathode” during the summer. He was first involved with CAURS last year as a volunteer and found it a really interesting and inspiring activity. He is now ready and willing to contribute to this group with his passion and ideas!!

Gregory Boudreaux

Greg Boudreaux is a senior Economics student at Loyola University. His interests fall within the domain of applied microeconomics, specifically at the intersection of environmental economics and decision theory. Greg’s past and current research efforts include an econometric analysis of the relationship between income and alcohol abuse, and an ongoing interdisciplinary research fellowship in the Quinlan School of Business and Institute for Environmental Sustainability, in which he is examining the role that housing location plays in Chicago residents’ willingness to pay for environmental goods. In his free time, Greg enjoys reading short fiction, exploring Rogers Park, and cheering on the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs.

Brooke Lee

Brooke is currently a senior at Roosevelt University majoring in Biology. She currently works as a peer tutor for chemistry at Roosevelt and is a member of the volleyball and softball teams. Whenever she has free time, she loves to explore Chicago and volunteer at humane societies around the city. After earning her undergraduate degree, she hopes to attend veterinary school and specialize in shelter medicine.

Patrick Liu 

Patrick is a senior at Northwestern studying psychology, neuroscience, and biological sciences interested in pursuing academic medicine. His current research project focuses on nuclear mechanics and their implications for cancer and laminopathies. Outside of academics, Patrick loves playing tennis and watching movies. Two items on his bucket list are: embark on a Europe tour starting with the French Open and ending with Wimbledon, and watch all the movies on IMDb's Top 250 list.

Fidak Khan

Fidak is a third-year student at Northwestern University, where she is pursuing majors in Biological Sciences and History. She conducts research in a developmental biology lab understanding the maintenance of pluripotency in the neural crest. After graduating, Fidak plans to attend medical school. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and watching her favorite tennis players come *this* close to winning. Fidak is excited to take part in organizing this year’s symposium!


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