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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Symposium? Who can attend?
Any University of Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, DePaul University, Northwestern University, or Roosevelt University undergraduate who has conducted a faculty-mentored research project is eligible to submit an application and abstract to present at the Symposium. Students from other institutions can apply as well, with prior approval from the CAURS commitee. Please note, however, that a $40 registration fee will be assessed for participants from non-CAURS sponsor schools, in the form of a check made out to Northwestern University. Everyone and anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.
When do I have to submit an application and abstract for the 2017 Symposium?
The deadline for poster and oral presentation abstract submissions for CAURS 2017 is Friday, April 7, 2017.  
How are applications and abstracts reviewed?
The Inter-School Board meets throughout the year to review abstract submissions. After the Board reaches a decision on your abstract submission, a representative from the Board will notify you with the status of your application.
How do I know if I am an oral presenter or a poster presenter?
On the application, you will indicate your preference for oral talk or poster; students who wish to give both an oral presentation and a poster presentation can select both. Upon review of your application and acceptance of their abstract, students will receive a confirmation e-mail from the an ISB member, informing them of such.
I worked on two different projects. Can I make two presentations?
No, each student may only present one project. If two abstracts are submitted under the same name, you will be contacted by a member of the ISB to clarify your submission.
Can a group of students who worked together give one single presentation?
No. Each project must be presented by only one student for CAURS 2017. While only the presenter will be judged, additional authors may attend CAURS 2017 by registering as an observer.
Can I present if I do not have IRB or IACUC approval, if applicable?
No. Your application will be rejected if we are not able to verify IRB/IACUC approval. Please note that typically only research projects involving humans or animal subjects require IRB/IACUC approval. If you're not sure if this applies to you, check with your research mentor.
Can I have a non-UC, UIC, Loyola, IIT, Depaul, NU, or Roosevelt faculty mentor and still present at the Symposium?
Yes. You are eligible to submit an application and abstract for the Symposium. Your mentor can be a faculty mentor at another institution or a researcher at a national, private, or federal organization. However, if applicable, you still need to provide evidence of IRB or IACUC approval for your study. If you are a student of one of our six member schools, you may still attend for free.
What are the requirements for the abstract?
Abstracts must be submitted via the application form, and should contain only text (no graphs, images, or tables). They should be no longer than 300 words; contain a title, the name of the student presenter, all co-authors, and the faculty advisor; and the institutional affiliation of all authors. Please review your abstract with your faculty mentor before you submit it. Visit the Abstract Guidelines page for more information.
Can I invite friends and family to come view my presentation?
Absolutely! Please feel free to invite as many guests as you would like. However, all guests must register as an observer in order to attend the symposium. Also, please note that only student presenters and judges who pre-register online will be invited to attend lunch and dinner free of charge.  
What are the requirements for posters?
The Poster Guidelines page provides more detailed information, but the following are a few general suggestions for posters. Poster boards should be no larger than 4' (height) by 4' (width). Your display should be self-explanatory and have a logical flow; others should be able to follow it even if you are not present. Place your title at the top of the poster and make sure that the text is large (at least ~2 inches in height) and clear. Include your name, the name of your faculty mentor, the names of additional co-authors, and departmental and institutional affiliations. Label or describe any charts, tables, figures, graphs, or photos that you use. Posters may be printed on separate boards, however we prefer a single sheet. Many university departments can help you with printing posters.
What are the requirements for the oral presentations?
Consult the Oral Guidelines page for requirements for oral presentations. Please note that oral presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes (not including 5 minutes for questions and answers).
What if I need audio-visuals during the Symposium?
You may send a request for any additional materials to caurs.isb@gmail.com. A member of the Inter-School Board will contact you regarding your request. 
My presentation at the Symposium will be different from what was proposed. Is this acceptable?
Yes, but dramatic changes (such as different project or different mentor) must be approved by the Inter-School Board. Email a member of the Inter-School Board with any changes to the information on your registration form.

For answers to any other questions, please contact a member of the Inter-School Board.