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Abstract Guidelines

A research abstract is required from each CAURS registrant. Abstracts should be a single, well-developed paragraph that concisely provides a high-level overview of the main considerations and conclusions of your research project.


Please see the following for the Abstract Template and Sample Abstract for the proper formatting of the abstract: Abstract Template and Sample Abstract

* Titles should not include scientific notation, Greek letters, bold, italics, or other special characters/symbols, as these will not be properly displayed on the submission form.
** Include all additional co-authors, if applicable, regardless of whether they are presenting or not.


  • Title (Arial, size 11, bold) - Choose a title which accurately reflects the emphasis and content of the project. Titles should be written in Title Case (capitalize the first letters of all the words except conjunctions e.g. and, or, at, in, for, the).
  • Name of Presenter, Co-Authors, Co-Authors/Collaborators, and Principle Investigator (PI) (Arial, size 10; name of Presenter should be bold and underlined). Co-authors should be listed whether or not they will also be attending.
  • Departmental and institutional affiliations of all authors (Arial, size 9, italic)


Abstract: Arial, size 9. 300 words max. - The abstract should briefly sketch the issue which the research addresses, explain the relevant hypothesis, indicate the theoretical or experimental method used, summarize the principle finding(s), point out the major conclusions, and if applicable describe how your research fits into its larger field of study. Please do NOT include schemes, figures, graphs, tables, or charts. The abstract should be accessible to those outside of the designated field. The abstract page with all the information should not occupy more than one full page (1 inch margins: top, bottom, right and left, aligned left text). References are shown in the example below, but they are optional. Save as a PDF titled: CAURS 2017 - "Last Name".


These requirements should be adhered to strictly in order to be accepted as a presenter at CAURS 2017. Each abstract will be vetted by members of the Inter-School Board (ISB). Once an abstract is reviewed and accepted, the student presenter will be sent an email notifying them of the status of their submission. Please feel free to contact a member of the ISB with any questions or concerns.

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